Globe-Democrat Returns to St. Louis

Pawelko-Kitchen-SkylightsDid you know the Globe-Democrat newspaper is back in St. Louis as an on-line paper? Well it is and Steve O’Rourke writes a column for them called “The Green Life”. A couple of weeks ago he featured us in an article about skylights and sun tunnels. He interviewed one of our valued customers, Gary Pawelko and his partner Diana about their experience installing a skylight in their kitchen. Here is an excerpt of what they had to say:

“Gary and Diana visited several Velux skylight installers at the St. Louis Home & Garden show, and invited both of them to come out and submit a proposal. While the pricing from each vendor was in the same ballpark, Gary decided to go with Premier Skylights. ‘They just seemed to be tuned in to what we were looking for, and their approach was professional but friendly.’

Gary’s original concept was to install traditional translucent skylights. But after his meeting with Frank Chandler, co-owner of Premier, he decided that the clear glass would be more attractive and functional. ‘I was initially afraid that the size of the skylights that Frank recommended would be too big for the room. As it turns out, we’re thrilled with what he recommended and are glad he didn’t just give us what we asked for.'”

If you are thinking about adding daylight to your life, give us a call for a free estimate on a skylight or sun tunnel.

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