Safety Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass – Buying Skylights in St. Louis

Safety Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass

When buying a skylight it is important that you purchase a skylight that will protect you and your home if it breaks.  Skylights are designed to withstand the elements, rain, hail, snow, small tree limbs and a child’s ball.  But sometimes these items are a little larger or hit a little harder than normal. 

There are two types of glass used in skylights, tempered glass and safety laminated glass.  Tempered glass has an additional degree of hardness that makes the glass shatter into small pieces rather than large shards of glass when it breaks.  Laminated safety glass is a combination of two pieces of heat strengthened glass bonded together with a plastic (PVB) inner layer that holds the glass together if it gets broken.

Why is this important?  When tempered glass in a skylight breaks the small pieces of glass fall into your home.  It can strike an individual under the skylight, get in your furniture cushions and scratch your tables and floors.  You will have a large hole in your roof and if it is raining, rain water will damage anything under the skylight.  With safety laminated glass in your skylight this will not happen.  They are designed to hold the glass in the frame so that the glass will not fall into your home.  No one will be injured from falling glass, your prized possessions will be protected and water will not damage the interior of your home.  Make sure that when you buy a skylight or a contractor installs one it has safety laminated glass in it.

Velux standard skylights comply with Energy Star, the International Building Code, the International Residential Code and the International Energy Conservation Code.  That is why Premier Skylights, LLC only sells and installs glass skylights with safety laminated glass, make sure your contractor does the same.  Contact us for more information regarding safety laminated glass and other features of Velux Skylights.

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