Solar Powered Venting Skylight

Solar Powered Venting Skylight

I_MS_FreshAir_VSS_00002_webVelux has announced the new Solar Powered Venting Skylight.  The skylight features a solar panel that collects any available daylight and uses it to charge a concealed battery powered operator and control system.  The battery powered operator is the source of power that opens and closes the skylight.  The solar panel serves as the charging source for the skylight.  The solar panel will work on cloudy days and with indirect light, it does not have to have direct sunlight to function.

Adding fresh air and ventilation to your home is essential to our health and well being.  The Solar Powered Venting Skylight uses the sun to ventilate your home. No electrical wiring is needed so installation is easy and cost effective.  The venting skylight comes with a programmable remote control, insect screen and a rain sensor.  With the rain sensor the solar powered skylight will close automatically in case of inclement weather.  Solar powered blinds are also available in eight standard colors and over 80 special order blinds.  The Velux solar powered venting skylight also carries the Velux “No-Leak” Skylight Warranty on installation for 10 years.

The Velux Solar Powered Venting Skylight qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.  The credit applies ot the product and installation which makes this product very affordable.   For more information on the tax credit visit .


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