Custom Skylight Repair & Replacement

Do you have an atrium skylight that needs repair?

Skylights come in many shapes and sizes. There are of coarse the standard 2’x4′ and 4’x4′ skylights that can be replaced by using a standard Velux Skylight.  However, over the years there have been many skylights built that are not standard.  Custom skylights take on many shapes and sizes.  There are atrium skylights, Pella skylight systems, dormer skylights and over sized skylights.   These systems usually consist of a wood or metal frames that glass units are set in, then a compression cap is placed on top of the glass to hold it in place.  These custom skylight systems fail over time.

  • The seal on the glass fails and the glass becomes foggy.
  • They begin to leak.
  • The wood frames root from moisture
  • They begin to sag due to a deteriorating structure.
Atrium Skylight System

Pella Style Skylight

If you have a Pella atrium skylight or a custom made skylight system we can replace it.  We offer a wide assortment of glass colors; clear, white and solar gray.  These glass units are Lo-E coated to reduce solar heat gain and safety laminated for your protection.  The aluminum framing system comes in a white or brown finish.

We perform custom skylight repair and replacement on both residential and commercial skylights.

Contact us for a professional consultation on the best way to replace your custom skylight.


Custom Skylight

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