Skylight Shades & Blinds: Velux St. Louis Blind Installations

Skylight Shades & Blinds: Designed For Style and Comfort

Whether you want to decorate your home, control the quality and amount of light coming in, or maintain a comfortable room temperature and reduce energy cost, Velux skylight blinds are designed with your needs in mind.  You can choose between dimming, darkening or simply softening the light in your room.  Velux skylight shades and blinds come in over 80 colors and patterns.

Solar Blinds control the light and heat that enters your room by using the power of the sun, no wiring is required.  They are operated by a remote control and come in a blackout and roller blind.  Velux skylight shades and blinds come in various colors and patterns.  They also qualify for the 30% federal tax credit*.




Venetian Blinds are best for adjusting the amount and direction of the sunlight while maintaining a view to the outside.  They allow you to position the blinds at any point on the window and the slats are without holes to prevent unwanted direct light influx.  Venetian blinds can reduce the amount of light by 74% and are available in manual and electric remote control.  Velux venetian blinds come in 9 designer colors.


Roller Blinds are ideal for dimming skylights in kitchens and bathrooms.  They provide full light diffusion to reduce glare while still allowing daylight to enter the room.  The roller blind increases energy efficiency up to 16%, reducing cooling and heating cost due to the better natural climate control in your room.  They are available in manual and remote control, electric or solar.



Blackout Blinds give you complete light control to turn day into night by blocking even the brightest sunlight, less then 2% of the daylight enters the room.  They are perfect for rooms that require total darkness such as bedrooms and TV/entertainment rooms.  The Blackout Blind has an energy efficient aluminum coating on the exterior side that acts a heat barrier, increasing energy efficiency up to 20%. 



Please call Premier Skylights, LLC to help you choose the proper skylight blinds for your Velux skylights.  We are the premier St. Louis skylight blind installation company in the area.

*30% federal tax credit applies to the cost of product and installation of Velux solar powered blinds installed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2016.  Please consult your tax accountant for more details.