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If you thoroughly research skylight brands, most likely you’ll come to the conclusion that Velux is the best brand out there. For 60 years, Velux has been the world leader in this industry. It is the preferred brand for American contractors according to every national survey of building industry professionals. Better materials, more options, and longer warranties. That’s why Velux is the only brand Premier Skylights installs.


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All Velux glass is guaranteed not to fog or lose it’s seal for 20 years. The entire skylight comes with a 10-year warranty. Shades, blinds, remotes and other electronics come with a five year warranty.

Premier Skylights installs only laminated safety glass for extra strength to guard against hail damage and offer added energy efficiency. “Comfort Plus” is a premium Velux product line you won’t find in retail home improvement stores and other skylight installations companies.  We are the premier St. Louis skylight installer.


Premier Skylights offers:

  • manual venting skylights with telescoping rods
  • electric venting skylights with wired and wireless remote control
  • fixed skylights
  • custom-designed “roof windows”

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We offer a huge assortment of shades, blinds and light block shades.

Premier Skylights packages a complete system including installation hardware, flashing and seals to provide you with years of carefree enjoyment. To discover the right product for you, call us or visit the Velux website to explore the entire product line.


Energy Star

Our Velux product leads all other manufacturers with all skylights meeting Energy Star approval guidelines for all climatic regions of the U.S. You’ll promote energy efficiency and save money on utility bills.

Velux glass systems protect against solar heat gain, resist condensation and protects interiors by reflecting most of the sun’s fade-causing rays.  All Velux skylights have LoE-3 glazing.

If you are going “Green”, Premier Skylights should be part of the plan.


Beautiful inside and out.

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