Why Should I Install Skylights or Sun Tunnels?

Add drama to your kitchen!





How about a sun tunnel in your bathroom?

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The most affordable and impactful remodeling project!

There is no more affordable and more impactful remodeling project than adding skylights to a room.  Natural light is fundamental to the quality of our lives and living environment.  Skylights also change the overall look, feel, comfort and drama of your home.  Not only does nautral light create an atmosphere, it can actually alter the way we  feel about living space in a positive way.  No other single project can accomplish all of this, but a skylight installation can:


Not only does natural light create drama, it can actually alter the way we feel about our living space in a positive way.  With the new designer shades and blinds you can have light control that matches your decor.


  • Increase the size and volume of a room without moving the walls
  • Change the overall appearance by adding natural light.
  • Add the most effective natural ventilation to rooms, particularly in kitchens and baths.
  • Build drama through the use of blinds.

Natural light and air are free! Bring them inside and you’ll feel better. That’s a guarantee.


Sunlight regulates our biological rhythms, governs our immune system, and balances our brain chemistry. Daylight relieves eye strain, fatigue, depression, insomnia, and increases the efficiency of the heart. All of these benefits will add value to your life.


Installing a skylight will increase the value and equity of your home. Bringing natural light indoors will enhance the appearance and ambiance of your home or business.


Energy Star

When compared to regular glass, our Velux Comfort Plus, LoE3 glass offers three times more protection against solar heat gain, resists condensation and protects interiors by reflecting the vast majority of the sun’s fade-causing rays.  Today’s skylights have higher visible light transmittance and  also bring in twice the amount of daylight as vertical windows of the same size.


The Velux No Leak Skylight carries a 10-year installation warranty, plus 20-years on the glass, 10-year on product, and 5-years on blinds and controls.*

  • 3 Layers of water protection.
  • Engineered flashing for easy installation and primary water protection.
  • Adhesive underlayment for secondary water protection against the harshest weather conditions.
  • New Deck Seal technology provides a seal between the frame and roof deck  for a leak-proof installation.

Premier Skylights only uses Laminated Safety Glass for you and your homes protection.

We are the Pemier St. Louis skylight installer.

*Please see Velux Warranty information for more details.